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Hospital Reporting Program

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All of Oregon’s hospitals are now enrolled in the Oregon Patient Safety Commission’s voluntary and confidential reporting program for serious adverse events. These hospitals provide over 99% of inpatient care in Oregon. Participating hospitals report detailed information on adverse events to the Commission in a cooperative effort to improve patient outcomes. The Patient Safety Reporting Program provides opportunities to highlight emerging patient safety issues in the state, identify best practices, and share confidential information in a risk-free way. Leslie Ray is the Commission’s Patient Safety Consultant for hospitals. You can reach Leslie at 503.224.9227 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


The Oregon Patient Safety Commission has enhanced the adverse event reporting system for hospitals, a core component of Oregon’s Patient Safety Reporting Program. Changes to the reporting system enable participants to more easily report the events that may cause patients harm. System enhancements will also improve the Commission’s ability to analyze reports and provide feedback that can help participants learn from adverse events and improve patient safety in Oregon. More information about the enhancements can be found in the Reporting System Enhancement Summary.

For instructions on how to submit reports, please visit our Submit Reports page.


The Commission’s recognition targets are intended to guide healthcare organizations participating in the PSRP.
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