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Oregon’s Early Discussion and Resolution (EDR) process is an essential part of a national patient safety movement to promote transparent communication with patients and families in the aftermath of a serious adverse event. EDR is specifically designed to support healthcare facilities, providers, and the public to engage in essential discussions when significant unexpected harm occurs as a result of medical care. With EDR in place, Oregon is making a powerful commitment to improving patient safety, meeting the needs of injured patients, and reducing medical liability system costs.

As of July 1, 2015, EDR has been in place for one year. In honor of this milestone, the Commission will publish the first annual report for EDR this fall. Until then, the July newsletter edition is dedicated to sharing information about the EDR process. Please take a moment to read about the benefits of EDR, find out more about who is engaging in the process, and connect with some of the resources available.

Please join us in celebrating the first year of progress with EDR. In addition, on behalf of the Commission staff and the board of directors, we wish you a happy Independence Day and a wonderful summer.

Bethany A. Walmsley
Bethany A. Walmsley, Executive Director

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