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QUALITY. Arguably, one of the most frequently used terms to describe a good healthcare experience.

Here at the Commission, we define QUALITY in a very unique but important way. Quality indicates a high level of service that is provided when we help a patient consider if their less than optimal healthcare experience is appropriate for the Early Discussion and Resolution process. Our staff assists with learning how to overcome specific patient safety challenges, and works to connect both patients and families and healthcare providers with the appropriate tools and resources.

The Commission provides high quality, low cost training and education opportunities for the entire healthcare community. We convene work groups and bring together learning networks (quality improvement initiatives) to improve patient safety, and support these relationships with targeted education, toolkits, and more.

For the healthcare professional working to report adverse events to Oregon’s Patient Safety Reporting Program, our quality staff provide personal consultation as needed to ensure that reports capture the root causes and the actions taken to prevent recurrence, thereby increasing the chance that each participant’s efforts will result in improved care in their facility.

We share what we learn from the data we collect in multiple ways, while still preserving individual confidentiality. For example, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and share our Action Alert information. Read the latest Annual Summary and stay informed about the most recent adverse event trends in Oregon. Our goal is to provide continuous, quality information in a timely manner so that transparency really does lead to shared learning and preventing patient harm.

Please let us know any time you have a question related to our patient safety programs. Our staff is eager to assist you and provide you with a high quality experience.

Bethany A. Walmsley
Bethany A. Walmsley, Executive Director

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